Graveyard Pudding Cake

My eldest kid is having a Halloween party at school. Each kid is required to "cook" something for their classmates. Here's what my little bug came up with: a Graveyard Pudding Cake featuring all of their favorite sweets!

The kids are growing up so fast.

They used to be tiny tots who needed care and attention 24/7. Now they act like grown-ups, not wanting to be supervised and bent on doing their own thing. Each kid has come to love eating alone, bathing alone, and getting dressed alone.

As a parent, I have come to treasure all the little things that make their childhood a little bit more memorable. I love all holidays equally, but the kids are absolutely nuts for Halloween!

I'm proud to say that I let them dress up for the silliest celebrations year-round, be it birthdays, Christmas parties, weekends off at the mall, well, you get the idea. They have dressed up as superheroes and royalty, ghouls and ghosts, even fruits and vegetables (I'm a little nutty myself).

So when the eldest one declared that they are both having a Halloween-themed party at school and a "cook-off" of sorts, I got too excited and over-bought candies at the grocery.

We finally settled on a Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding Cake, adorned like a spooky Graveyard. I swell with pride whenever I tell people the eldest made this with minimal supervision. I only had a hand in handling the melted chocolate from the microwave, but the little one did all the mixin' and fixin'.

All the other kids flocked toward my kid's creation to inquire how to make it at home. Little do they know this was superbly easy to make. It's versatile too, they can put toy spiders or zombie action figures as accoutrements, or graham crackers as tombstones.

I made another version and put it in clear plastic cups, to be given away to trick-or-treating kids in our neighborhood. After all, I'm a kid-at-heart myself!

Graveyard Pudding Cake


Chocolate Skull and Bones:

1 cup chocolate chips
½ stick butter

Vanilla Pudding:

Jell-o Vanilla Pudding Mix
3 cups milk, cold

Chocolate Pudding:

Jell-o Chocolate Fudge Pudding Mix
3 cups milk, cold

Chocolate Soil:

Oreo, filling removed, cookies crushed


Milo Cereal


Peppero Cookies and Cream, tied with dental floss

Gummy Worms:

Trolli Squiggles
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers


1.    Melt chocolate chips in a microwave. Stir in butter. Pour mixture in skull and bones mold. Freeze for about 15-30 minutes until set.
2.    Whisk Jell-o Vanilla Pudding Mix and cold milk until vanilla pudding is set, Whisk Jell-o Chocolate Fudge Pudding Mix and cold milk until chocolate pudding is set.
3.    Spread vanilla pudding on the bottom of a Pyrex dish. Layer with chocolate pudding. Top with Oreo chocolate soil and Milo Cereal rocks. Decorate with Peppero Cookies and Cream cross, Trolli Squiggles, Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers, and Chocolate Skull and Bones.
4.    Serve!

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