Bacon 4-Cheese Quiche Cups

Manic Monday mornings stressing you out? Make a big batch of bacon 4-cheese quiche cups on Sunday night, and quickly pop these in the microwave for a few seconds come Monday morning. Perfect with toasted croissant and a cup of joe!

I'm a big fan of food hacks that populate websites like Pinterest and BuzzFeed. College kids these days are so lucky to have access to nifty cooking tips. Way back when, we crammed for exams with nothing but potato chips and chocolate bars to tide us over.

Even my kids caught the food hack bug. Some of the food hacks they have successfully tried (under yaya's strict supervision, of course) include making Oreo and milk ice cubes, ice cream sandwiches made of Ben & Jerry's and large oatmeal cookies, pancakes with silly faces (they "draw" using a squeeze bottle), and eggs with different shapes (cooked inside a cookie cutter).

Oh how my budding chefs make me swell with pride!

This month, let's explore the fun side of cooking with easy peasy food hacks. My kids have been bugging me day in and day out to make microwave mug cake and waffle maker hash browns. Mr. Flintstone, on the other hand, has been nagging me to make bacon egg cups he can bring over to biking sessions. And then there are my parents, who are currently obsessing overy fancy toasts.

Whew! That's a handful!

As the Kitchen Commander of our fortress, I have no other choice but to dutifully oblige. Besides, these recipes are so easy, I can easily trick my family into learning these food hacks so they can make it for me as well!

Bacon 4-Cheese Quiche Cups

NOTE: I used Pyrex custard cups; a custard cup is twice as big as a muffin tin.


12 pieces bacon, partially cooked
6 eggs
2 tbsp cream
1 tbsp parmesan cheese
1 tbsp grana padano
1 tbsp ricotta
1 tbsp keson puti
1 tbsp, chives, chopped
Freshly cracked black pepper


BEFORE BAKING: Position a rack in the middle of the oven. Preheat oven to 350°F.

1.    Partially cook bacon so it can crisp up better in the oven. Brush Pyrex custard cups with bacon oil and line the sides with 3 pieces of bacon.
2.    Beat eggs. Fold in cream, cheese, and chives.
3.    Pour egg mixture in the middle of the cup.
4.    Bake for 10-12 minutes, until egg has completely set.
5.    Serve!

Tags: quiche, eggs, bacon, cheese

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