Ingenious Uses for Laundry Detergent

Not-So-Obvious-Ways to Use Perwoll Liquid

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Liquid laundry detergent is better than using powdered soaps for obvious reasons. It mixes with water better and faster, and doesn’t leave any residue on your clothes after several wash cycles. If you wash and clean your clothes in your own house, you already know about all this. But what you might not know about are the alternative uses for liquid laundry detergent.

Besides being a superior formula for laundry, there are plenty of not-so-obvious ways to use a bottle of Perwoll. Let’s start with the craziest:

Make Super Elastic Slime

This is a great science experiment that you can teach your kids. Just make sure that they’re old enough to understand not to eat it. Only 2 ingredients are absolutely necessary in order to make this slime: Perwoll and any white glue that you can buy at the store. You can start with 2 parts glue and 1 part laundry detergent. Just mix them together vigorously until they combine completely. If it’s too sticky, add more detergent. If it gets too thin, add more glue.

You can also make it more interesting by adding food coloring and different colors of glitters to the mix. If you’re going to do this, add in the detergent later. Start with the glue, add the food coloring and the glitters, and just add Perwoll at the end. You’ll end up with a super elastic slime that can be stretched in different ways. This isn’t just a great science experiment; it’s also a fun educational activity for kids’ birthday parties.

Remove Drain Clogs

You don’t always need especially-designed acids for unclogging drains. If boiling water won’t suffice, don’t reach for the acid just yet. Pour ½ cup of Perwoll into the clogged drain and give it about 3 minutes to settle. You can then pour in around a liter of boiling water down the drain. The resulting heat, along with the breakdown power of the detergent’s bubbles, can be enough to treat most types of drain clogs. If the drain isn’t fully unclogged, just repeat the process as necessary.

Liquid Soap for the Garage

If you take your car and garage work seriously, you might have to deal with plenty of greasy messes on a regular basis. Instead of using a bar of soap to clean up after some garage work, you can just mix some Perwoll and water into a spray bottle. A ½ cup of detergent should be enough for 500 ml of water. You can just spray this on your hands and rub vigorously in order to break down tough oils and greases. 

You can even spray it directly on grease or oil spills in your garage for quick clean ups. As you can imagine, this method is also perfect for cleaning up tires as well different parts of the bottom of your car. If you like to keep your tools extra clean, you can spray this stuff on them and work up a lather to clean them of all grime and grease. You can even just soak your tools in the mixture and let the detergent do all the work; just rinse and dry off your tools afterwards.

Homemade Weed Killer

You can just use the same method of combining water and laundry detergent in a spray bottle, but this time, less detergent is needed. About ¼ cup of Perwoll will be enough for 500ml of water. Just spray it directly on the patches of ground where you’re having problems with unwanted weeds. You can also spray it on walls and rocks to get rid of unwanted moss. 

For these gardening purposes, you can also just use greywater, or laundry detergent runoff from washing machines. Just collect the greywater after each wash cycle. As you can imagine, the first wash cycle will give you the greywater with the most detergent. This is a great way to make use of what’s usually just treated as waste. Just try not to store greywater in your home for more than 2 days. Besides killing weeds and mosses, greywater can also be useful for taking care of stubborn messes on the floor. This way, you’re recycling your runoff as well as saving both water and laundry detergent in the process.

Bug Repellant for the House
Insects hate soap. With the same solution as above, you can repel bugs by spraying on windows, doorways, and cracks. This is a great way to deal with ants that have invaded your room. Needless to say, it’s also going to keep your house smelling like fresh laundry. You can use Perwoll with fresh water for windows and doorways in the house. For the patio or the garage, greywater will do. To make the solution more effective against insects, you can add in a cup of baking soda to the water.

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