How to Create Festive Holiday Envelopes

While e-mails, text messaging, and social media are among the easiest ways to connect with someone nowadays, sending letters, notes, and cards are still some of the most personal methods to get in touch with a loved one. The effort involved in writing down a message by hand is a deemed as a special gesture as of late, making them quite a novelty.

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To make your handwritten notes even more special, try creating personalized stationery. If you're the type who likes to give out handmade gifts and notes every so often, especially during Christmas season, a custom-made envelope will make your present all the more special.

By customizing your note holder, you're adding some nice details to your letter, which can easily impress and make your receiver smile.

When it comes to personalizing your envelopes, there are two ways you can go about it. You can create a coy envelope with a surprising liner inside or you can create your very own unique envelope using special paper.
Personalized Envelope Liner

What you need:
A pack of store bought envelopes
Stock paper / patterned paper print out / prints of your photo of choice
Glue stick

1. Take one envelope and open it carefully to create a pattern.
2. Cut three of the four folds of the envelope, leaving the top cover flap intact.
3. Measure 1 cm on each side except for the bottom part, mark, and cut.
4. Use the newly trimmed envelope as a template for your envelope liner. Place it on top of your chosen liner paper then cut. You can use a patterned paper that are easily available as printables online or create your own if you're skilled in illustrating. You can also opt to use a print out of your favorite photo or stock paper sold in stationery stores.
5. Dab some glue on the back side of the print out.
6. Place inside the envelope and wait for it to dry before using for your letters.

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If you're not too keen on a labor intensive DIY project, adding liners to your regular store bought envelopes can easily do the trick for your personalized stationery collection— especially if you need to whip a big batch instantly for an event like a wedding or party, this method can work the best for you. It’s easy, allowing you to add some handmade details to your notes without breaking a sweat. With the wide range of paper products in the market today, you can easily find a nice commercially available envelope and just add your own personal touch to it with a DIY custom liner.

The great thing about using the DIY liner method is that it can minimize your costs in creating such unique paper products. Sure, you’re going to have to buy commercially available envelopes, but it is totally up to you whether to splurge or skimp on these items. The liners themselves can be pretty inexpensive, giving you the option to be frugal about your customized stationery collection.

If you have some time on your hands, though, and you wish to have your own unique stationery for your letters, this second method might be a better option.

Personalized Envelope

What you need:

Stock paper / printed stationary / any kind of paper thick enough to be used as an envelope
2 store bought envelopes / printable envelope templates
Solid color stock paper
Glue stick

1. Open your store bought envelope / print out your envelope template and cut accordingly to create a pattern you can follow in making your own envelope.
2. Place your template on top of your card stock / stationery / paper of choice and cut to size.
3. Refer to the steps above to create a liner using your solid color stock paper.
4. Fold the flaps accordingly.
5. Glue the liner in place.
6. Glue the edges of the bottom flap to the left and right flaps

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This second method of creating your own personalized envelopes requires a bit more effort. However, it will always resort in some unique stationery products that you can be sure are one-of-a-kind, so they are definitely worth your time. They may cost you more, though, especially if you choose special stock paper for your envelopes. However, this is entirely up to you and you can adjust your budget according to your preferences.

While everyone relies on instant messaging tools to connect with others nowadays, the art of writing a letter or note should not be forgotten. Create your own personalized envelopes and send your handmade messages even more intimately with these unique holders that are sure to wow and move your letters’ receivers.

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