Green Thumb Challenge: Edible Herbs You Can Grow in a Condo

For most condo owners with the green thumb, the challenge is how you can maintain a garden with limited space, which is the balcony. The answer is to maximize this space into a garden of edible herbs! You can fill your balcony with greens while also growing a source of herbs that can be used to in cooking your meals!
Here are edible herbs that are very easy to grow when living in a condo. Just make sure to know how to make use of container pots and how to strategically locate them so that they get sunlight in order to flourish into your own little garden.


Basil seeds are easy to come by and very easy to grow. This herb does not require high maintenance in order for it to flourish. All you need are container gardens that are easy to place on your balcony and there you have it! Basil can be used in many dishes and especially if you’re a lover of Italian cuisine or you’re just always in need for that weekly pesto pasta fix, Basil’s the herb for you, for all of us! That’s why it’s one of the basic low maintenance herb you need to have in your little garden!


Mint is also another herb that is very easy to grow. It only requires partial shade for it tends to grow in cold and moist places. Mint is used to garnish many dishes but it can also be used in making tea or any juice drink just to achieve a minty flavor to it. Mint doesn’t grow very tall for it only spreads horizontally. If you’re a lover of minty dishes and drinks, this herb will be of great use to you, that’s sure!


Cilantro is an herb that is used in different cuisines, may it be Mexican, Latin American, African, Chinese and Southeast Asian. This herb is available all year round which means it’s very easy to grow and doesn’t require much effort in taking care of it. This herb is essential to have a space on that condo balcony of yours. With cilantro, you’ll have many dishes that you can explore in making so be ready for those recipes you’ll find!


Rosemary also comes from the mint family, just like Basil. This herb is usually used in Italian dishes and it has a distinct and strong smell. Pest and insects tend to avoid this herb because it has a natural repellant. This herb can also be used for tea and is definitely easy to grow in the spaces of your balcony.


Joining Basil and Rosemary in the mint family is Sage. Sage is a culinary herb commonly used in French cuisine. It has woody stems, grayish leaves and blue to purplish flowers. This herb is very easy to grow for it is also low maintenance. Aside from being a culinary herb, sage can also be used as an ornamental plant. With this, sage can have a dual purpose in your condo balcony, as a source of ingredients in your meals and also as a plant that can make your balcony look brighter and prettier!


Thyme is an evergreen herb that is used in culinary, medicinal and even ornamental purposes. Thyme is also part of the mint family. So if you’ve noticed, herbs that come from the mint family are ones that are very easy to grow and are very useful in preparing meals. Thyme can be used in seasoning poultry, other kinds of meat and other vegetable dishes. It has a very distinct flavor just like that of other herbs already mentioned above. Thyme is important to have in that tiny garden of yours, it’s easy to grow and just like Sage, it has pretty little flowers that can add color to your condo balcony!

Lemongrass is very easy to grow because technically you can grow it even without soil. When you buy a stalk of lemongrass from the supermarket, all you need to do is make sure the base is intact. You can simply place the base and about couple inches of the stalk in water and it will already produce shoots. You can use lemongrass in cooking poultry and adding that citrusy flavor in any meat dish.


Oregano is known both for its culinary and medicinal uses. It is used in many Italian dishes. For it’s medicinal properties, it is known to treat cough spells. However, compared to the herbs mentioned above, oregano requires direct sunlight. Therefore, you need to prioritize it in arranging your plants in your condo balcony, make sure it’s the one that gets the most of the sun!


Parsley is a very common herb that is known to grow easily anywhere. It is used as garnish in many dishes and many types of cuisines that’s why it’s important to have parsley handy in any occasion so that you’ll be ready to serve a dish topped with a parsley garnish. When you plant parsley, it may require up to two weeks for it to germinate but the easy part is, it doesn’t require much sunlight or any maintenance for it to grow so there you have it, you’ll be ready with parsley anytime!
These herbs mentioned above are herbs that are primarily used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Most of these herbs can be used in preparing dishes, may it be as a main ingredient or just as a garnish. Mint, Lemongrass and Rosemary can also be used for tea so if you’re a tea lover, all it takes is a few steps to the balcony, a few clippings of some leaves and there you have it, fresh ingredients for fresh tea. These herbs are very essential especially if you only have small spaces in your condo so what better to do with these spaces than to maximize them, correct? So go out and buy your container gardens and seeds, be ready to plant these herbs and use that green thumb of yours!