DIY Interior Design Tips & Tricks for Your Room

1. How to Make a Wine Cork Mirror

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It is very easy to make an amazing frame for your mirror using only wine corks. You just need a mirror (any shape), large cardboard box, hot glue, glue gun, ruler, scissors, pencil, duct tape, 1 can of spray paint. First, make the border for your frame using the cardboard box. This cardboard frame will be the frame for your mirror so it would depend on how large your mirror is or how large you want the frame to be. Cut the cardboard base according to the size you want. Use your pencil and ruler to measure. Cut out a circle in the middle of the frame for the space of the mirror. After this, you would now have a cardboard “donut” frame that will be the base for the project. Use your duct tape to reinforce the edges of the cardboard. Tape over the sides of the inner and outer circles of the base frame. Put hot glue on the wine corks and stick on on the cardboard frame. Remember to space them out evenly until you fill the entire frame with wine corks. Once the frame is dry you can now tape your circular mirror from the back of the frame. Hang it on your wall and you are done!

2. How to Make a Photo Memory Lampshade

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Turn on your lampshade and have a trip down memory lane! You can make your lampshade show your best memories with friends and families all you need is just a set of photos, ordinary glue, and a simple lampshade. Print photos you like for the project using ordinary paper, or you can use Instax photos. For best results, you should use clear paper. This would ensure the photos can let light pass through them when they are on the lamp. Paste your photos and arrange your collage in whatever fashion you like. You can also write inspiring notes or quotes from your favorite authors using a sharpie or a marker to make your collage interesting. Put back the shade on your lamp, turn it on and have a totally awesome memory lamp!

3. How to Make a Book Headboard

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Book lover? Book nerd? Bibliophile? Whatever you call it, take your obsession of the written word into your bedroom by making an old book headboard. All you need is a large assortment of books (a lot of thrift stores sell old books for less than a dollar), Elmer’s glue-All or anything similar that can be used to stick things on wood, paper and should dry strong and clean, polyurethane spray for finishing, a large sheet of smooth plywood that’s 1⁄4 inch thick and as wide as your bed. The length can vary, if you want a tall headboard you just need to make sure you have enough books to cover the board. First, cut out the cover from the pages of the book carefully using a crafts knife or anything similar. You can be creative and have similar shades of book covers together, or you can use the book pages should you so please. Once you have decided on the design, start covering the board from the outside going in. Apply glue on the board and make sure to apply pressure for 30 seconds to a minute just to make sure it sets properly. It would be good to find something heavy to place on top of the book covers while they set. Try to get them as flat as possible. After the first layer has set, you can add more layers of book covers to add more depth to your board. Once you are satisfied with your book cover headboard, finish with a layer of polyurethane to make your board last longer. Let the board dry overnight. That’s that! You can now hang your book headboard and start dreaming with books, books, books!