8 Everyday Things You Can Repurpose for a More Stylish Home

When it comes to home decor, there’s a wide array of options available today. Lots of lifestyle stores can easily cater to your whims, preferences, and needs without a fuss.
Frugal homeowners, however, don’t have to look far for items that can beautify their homes. Their humble abodes are already filled with things they can repurpose and use as decor. Take these eight everyday things that you can easily find at home, for example, and discover how they can spruce up any given space.

1. Tea cups as succulent planters

Succulents are all the rage nowadays when it comes to having a stylish home. With their small size, they can be put almost everywhere around the home innocuously and they’ll add some charm into their surroundings.
Using tea cups is a great way to amp up the charm of these beautiful plants. As there’s a good chance that you have an incomplete set of these somewhere around your storage, busting them out and turning them into planters is a great way to reuse and minimize your home’s clutter.

2. Empty perfume bottles as vases

Most perfumes, especially the pricier ones, come in such beautiful bottles that it feels downright wrong to throw them out after going through its contents. So, why not let them hold a flower or two and use them as vases for small surfaces? Not only are you adding some glamor to your space, but you’re also cutting down the production of waste.

3. Wine corks as knobs


Wine corks are some of the most versatile items ever, as there’s just so much you can do with it after you’ve finished your bottle of red or white. In this case, you can attach them to your cupboards and cabinets and use them as handles for a shabby chic home.

4. Picture frames into trays or catchalls

Fancy trays and bowls don’t have to be expensive, especially if you have some old photo frames with nice details. A fresh coat of paint can easily help you repurpose these pieces and turn them into a unique tray or catchall.

5. Old sweaters to pillow cases

If you have some sewing skills and a bunch of worn out sweaters, you can quickly turn them into cozy covers for throw and accent pillows perfect for the colder season.

6. Metal cans into shelving unit

tin can
Those who have just repainted their homes can get the most out of this idea as it will need a few metal paint cans for great results. After cleaning the cans, mount them sideways on the wall next to each other to provide holes that can hold a wide variety of items. You can also opt to paint the cans for a more vibrant shelving unit.

7. Clipboards as prints and picture holders


Want a gallery wall but doesn’t want to spend a lot on picture frames? Clipboards can be great alternatives as they’re cheap, easily available, and chic.

8. Old books into floating shelves

Add extra storage and make use of old hardcovers by turning them into floating shelves. These are pretty easy to make and lots of tutorials are found online, so if you have some DIY skills, trying this one out wouldn’t be a problem.

The best thing about repurposing items is that you’re actually choosing an eco-friendlier way to decorate your home. By reusing the things you already have, you’re not just saving some cash on home decor, but you’re also minimizing the waste your home produces.