6 Amazing Diaper Hacks You've Never Heard Of

When you think of diapers, you assume it has only one use. But did you know that diapers can also be used for gardening, household chores, medical emergencies, and a number of other practical wonders?

The secret lies in absorbent material that’s inside every diaper.

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This stuff is a white, powdery, and sodium-based polymer that’s able to hold hundreds of times its own weight in water. In fact, a mere teaspoon of the powder can turn a glass of water into gel almost instantly. You can even try that experiment out with the kids. It’ll be completely safe because this polymer is non-toxic and biodegradable, just like the cotton that it’s wrapped in.

Now that you know why a simple disposable diaper can be used for different applications, let’s start with the alternate uses of fresh and clean diapers.

1. Diapers as Temporary Wound Bandages

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Diapers of different sizes are great additions to any first aid or emergency kit. Use a diaper to stop the bleeding of any wound, big or small. Besides putting a stop to the bleeding, the diaper also provides a temporary but highly effective, sanitary, and waterproof barrier against contamination. If the diaper’s built-in adhesive connectors aren’t enough to securely close the bandage with the right amount of pressure, you can just wrap the whole thing in duct tape and scissor it open later.

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This first-aid quick fix for bleeding wounds can allow the wounded person to be safely transported with a lot less aggravation to the injury. You can also wrap the affected area with another layer of cloth to increase protection.

2. Diapers as Hot/Cold Packs

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Sore muscles? Run a faucet on an large open diaper but don’t fill it to capacity, close it up, and put it in the microwave for about a minute. You’ve got an instant hot compress that you can use for soothing aching muscles.

Making an ice pack is similar. After the water, just add antiseptic alcohol and put it in a plastic bag. Instead of the microwave, chuck it in the freezer. In 30 minutes to an hour, you’ll have an ice pack that’s great for reducing pain and inflammation.

These simple tricks are used in hospitals, clinics, and by medical professionals who know how expensive commercial hot/cold packs can be.

3. Diaper Book or Gadget Rescue

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There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good read on the beach, near the pool, or in the bathtub. A relaxing dip in water always goes well with your favorite book/comic/magazine, but not if they get too close. There’s nothing quite sadder in this world than a copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude that’s soaked to the spine. But don’t worry; everything is not yet over for this book.

For this overnight fix, you’ll need a big diaper. Wrap up the entire book in the diaper and just leave it alone overnight. If the book is thick, it might not be completely dry after just one night. If the inside is still moist, you can open up another diaper and insert it in the middle of the book, being extra careful not to damage the spine as wet books are more fragile. Leave it again for a couple of hours more. If it’s still wet, repeat the process, but this time, with the diaper facing the other way.

The idea is for the moist parts of the book to touch the absorbent parts of the diaper. You’ll need to repeat it a couple of times for thicker books, but probably only need to do it once for thinner printed material. Comics and magazines are usually completely dry after spending a night sandwiched between the absorbent sides of two big diapers.

So the next time your book collection is assaulted by flood, rain, or just human error, grab a diaper.

Wet gadgets can be treated in the same way. If you drop your phone in water, just wrap it in a fresh new diaper. Don’t try to turn on the device until it spends about 8 to 12 hours in there.

4. Diapers in Flower Arrangement

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Thanks to the fact that it’s biodegradable, along with its astounding abilities to retain water, the polymer stuffing inside diapers can be used for a number of gardening applications.

You already know that if you mix the stuff with water, you get gel. As it turns out, this gel is perfect for keeping flowers bright and alive with just the right amount of water. It can extend the display life of any flower.

Just rip open a diaper, separate the white powdery polymer into another container. Put half a cup to a whole cup of the stuff into any flower container that can hold approximately 1 liter of water. The polymer goes in first. Add the flowers. Pour water down the container, and if it’s transparent, you’ll see how the polymer reacts with the water and slowly fills the container with a clear gel. You can even use the flowers to move the gel around, agitating it into a reaction that gives it the look of crushed ice. It’s a practical as well as a beautiful way to keep your flowers bright and hydrated.

5. Diapers in Gardening

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As you can imagine, the water-retaining capabilities of this polymer can only be good for the soil in your garden. This time, you won’t need to separate the polymer and the cotton, as both materials have qualities that make them perfect for the job. Simply mix equal parts diaper stuffing and gardening soil and you’ve got a cheap super soil that’s perfect for any potted plant or outdoor garden.

The mixture allows the soil to remain moist for longer periods of time. It will allow you to shorten or possibly even cut your plant watering schedule in half. If you’re going to be out of the house for a couple of days, you wouldn’t have to ask a neighbor to water your plants. The super soil has got you covered.

6. Any Diaper Can be the Single Best Paper Towel in the World

Perhaps the most obvious of these alternate uses is that the diaper is awesome at cleaning up any wet and stinky messes. It soaks everything up, you can hold the waterproof parts as you do it, and unless you’re cleaning up strong acids, a diaper is never going to fall apart. You can also wrap up the mess and throw it away inside the same diaper.