Hair Hacks: Secrets to Having Shiny, Voluminous, Healthy Tresses

We spend a lot when it comes to taking care of our hair but there are many ways we can avoid the spending craze with cheap alternatives to chemicals and toxins that does more damage to our tresses than good. Avoid the frizzy, dry, and damaged hair with these healthy, safe, and cheap hair hacks!

1. Mash a ripe avocado (remove the pit) with one egg, then apply to wet hair. Avocados contain a lot of essential vitamins and fatty acids and minerals that will bring back the shine to your hair. Leave the avocado mash on your hair for 20 minutes, then rinse until you get all of it off from your hair. For damaged hair, repeat this once a week, and once a month to maintain healthy hair.

hairhacks avocado

2. Apple cider vinegar for pre or post shampoo. Forget about the smell and use this before or after shampooing to help remove toxins and residue from chemicals you put on your hair. This also helps bring out the shine for natural red highlights of your hair and can also balance the pH level of your hair to normal bringing out a more natural glow. Massage the apple cider vinegar on your scalp and leave on for a few minutes. If you can’t stand the smell, mix in two parts of warm water with one part apple cider.


3. Use egg with your shampoo. We are not quite done with egg mixtures, because eggs can bring back essential proteins lost from your hair because of the many treatments you might have done to it. Just mix one egg with a small amount of shampoo and leave on for five minutes.

hair hacks egg

4. Honey for your hair. Use natural honey to moisturize your hair. Honey contains antibacterial properties that can help your scalp especially with dandruff problems. Don’t worry, it is very soluble to water and does not stick to your hair after washing.

 honey for hair

5. Use coconut oil for extremely dry hair. Coconut oil is a good daily moisturizer especially if you use small amounts. It’s non-greasy and adds shine and luster to your hair almost instantly.

coconut oil

6. Use Mayonnaise as your conditioner. Mayonnaise, as a byproduct of eggs, not only gives back essential proteins lost from hair treatments but it also makes hair softer and shinier. Just use as much mayonnaise you can to coat your entire hair and leave on for about an hour and wash it out. You can also use condensed milk as a substitute for regular conditioner, but this is a bit more expensive than mayonnaise.


7. Eat healthy and eat for your hair. If your hair is dull and lifeless, chances are your body is too. Eating healthy provides us with essential vitamins and nutrients that our hair also needs. Eating food that are rich in essential fatty acids can bring back the health and shine of hair. Eat salmon, walnuts, sweet potatoes, blueberries and these can make your body and hair healthier.

8. Stay away from heating irons and blow driers. Avoid styling tools that can dry our and fry your hair. This can lead to split ends, breakage, and damages your hair.

Back View Of Young Woman Hair

9. And speaking of too much heat, avoid exposing your hair to too much sunlight. Cover up with a hat or use an umbrella on hot days.

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10. Avoid tying your hair. When your hair is pulled back constantly and is wound tight it can lead to hair loss and unhealthy scalp. The hairs are pulled from their roots causing them to be pulled out easily and may cause baldness. If you can’t avoid this, take out the tie a few hours a day to give your hair a break. And never sleep with a knot or a tie on your hair.

straight hair

With these hair hacks to try, you can keep your hair healthy and gorgeous without having that pricey salon price tag. Just be sure to remember these and you’ll be ready to whip that stunning hair to whip around anytime!