Everyday Hygiene for Sensitive Skin

Having overly sensitive skin can be a bummer. If you have sensitive skin, you can’t just use any regular skin product. Unless you’re surrounded with people who have the same skin condition, you can’t just borrow cleansers, soaps, and lotions from just anyone. Instead, you have to plan ahead. You need to make a list of products that won’t have any harmful ingredients that may complicate any existing problems that you have with your skin.

You need to test out products that your skin won’t have an adverse reaction to. This just means exposing a small part of your arm or your leg to a particular product that you’re interested in, and then waiting to see what happens. If it causes itching, or visible signs of irritation, don’t use that product. We can help you make this process easier and much more efficient. You can start your search with products that are made for people with sensitive skin.

Physiogel Cleanser



If you’re looking for a regular cleanser that can maintain your skin’s natural PH balance, it’s Physiogel. Besides being hypoallergenic, it’s also non-comedogenic, which just means that it doesn’t carry any ingredients that can block your pores, causing blockheads that can easily cause scarring on sensitive skin. It also doesn’t use any animal fat in the formula. Physiogel is
so gentle that it can even be used for babies. You can massage it in a circular motion on your face just like with any soap or facial wash, and then wash it off later with water. But if your skin’s really sensitive, you can just wipe it all off using any soft tissue, or preferably clean bits of cotton. You can get it in a small container that you can carry just about anywhere with you.

Maybelline Pressed Powder

Maybelline Clear Smoo


Having overly-sensitive skin may leave you with less make-up options, but that doesn’t mean high-quality make-ups won’t be available to you. With its oil-less, wax-less no-nonsense formula, Maybelline’s Pressed Powder doesn’t just look good, but also allows your skin to breathe. You can also choose between a number of different beautiful shades. This is a great way to keep your face oil free and fresh without harming your skin.

Nivea Skin Care Lotions


If you’re looking for a whitening lotion that’s suitable for sensitive skin, Nivea has plenty of options for you. Whether for your face or entire body, Nivea’s lotions come with a suitable
amount of SPF, allowing you to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the harsh sun at the same time.

Safeguard Classic Bar

safeguard soap pure white

For your hands and feet, you can’t go wrong with a bar of Safeguard. Besides its well-known germ cleaning formula, Safeguard can be suitable for sensitive skin if you don’t abuse its use. It’s a great way to clean off excess dirt and grime, just make sure to wash it all off to prevent any dryness or irritation. Having sensitive skin doesn’t need to be such a heavy burden. Don’t hesitate to try these out, they just might be the perfect products that can cater to the needs of your sensitive skin.