Easy-to-Carry Travel Must-Haves

Traveling is a great way to connect with different parts of the world on a deeper level. And just like anything that’s worth doing, it comes with certain hassles that you need to solve in order to do it properly. Some of these problems may be small, but they’re ever-present details that you simply cannot ignore, like packing your bathroom essentials. 

Everyone has small rituals that they more or less adhere to before going to sleep and right after waking up. And it’s fine when you have a single place to keep everything you need for your little rituals. But when you’re traveling and staying in different places, you need a way to bring your bathroom essentials without causing a mess. That’s why we made a list of these easy-to-carry travel must-haves:

Celeteque Facial Wash

This facial wash is a travel must-have not just because it comes in a convenient and pretty little bottle. Its formula’s all about gentle but deep cleansing. Every dab of Celeteque Facial Wash that you use on your face helps to balance out the moisture of your skin. Because it cleanses while preventing dryness, it can help keep the skin on your face look and feel healthy.


So if you find yourself in a new place where your skin is having trouble adjusting, feel free to use Celeteque Facial Wash. But if even Celeteque seems to harsh for your sensitive skin, you can bring along another cleanser that’s especially formulated to be hypoallergenic:

Physiogel Cleanser

Cleanser 150ml Bottle

Anyone who likes to travel but also suffers from sensitive skin needs to always bring along a bottle of Physiogel Cleanser. Guaranteed safe, effective, and soap-free, you can use Physiogel as you would any soap or cleanser for the face. Rub its low-foam formula on your skin and work in circular motions. If you have really sensitive skin, you can just skip the water and use clean swabs of cotton or soft tissues to wipe it off after rubbing. Just how gentle and effective is Physiogel? You can also use it for babies. So if you’re bringing along kids with even more sensitive skin than you, you can use the same formula for facial clean-ups.

Nivea Lotions

NIVEA Body Care

If you want to spend some time in the sun but also don’t want to mess up your skin, Nivea has plenty of lotions that also carry enough SPF levels to be suitable for the beach. There’s nothing like a gentle firming body lotion that also works to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Maybelline Pressed Powder

Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder 10gr

One way to minimize facial washing and protect your sensitive skin is to keep it oil-free in the first place. Maybelline’s Pressed Powder is perfect for this job. Its breathable formula prevents your skin from suffocating under the powder. At the same time, this formula contains neither oils nor waxes, making it even more suitable for overly-sensitive skin types.

Sensodyne Mouthwash

sensodyne mouthwash

Some people with sensitive skin also suffer from sensitive teeth, and are prone to ‘pangingilo’. If you’re one of these people, bring along a bottle of Sensodyne mouthwash. No matter what you end up eating in wherever part of the world, you can take care of any resulting tooth aches with a gargle of this alcohol-free mouthwash.