Halloween Cake Pops

I’d pre-dipped the pops so that all that was left to do was to add details to their faces, and the kids and Mr. Flintstone had a swell time decorating their favorite Halloween characters.

With Halloween just around the bend I thought it would be fun to get a headstart on treats – especially with how busy I’ve been getting lately. It’s a good thing I’ve got the eldest (who’s been more and more into cooking lately) to help out. With the kids’ interest in food matching their growing appetites lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started doing guest posts here.

The fun part of Halloween - other than dressing up and eating treats - is coming up with fun treats in theme with the occasion. Just as with the Graveyard Pudding Cake me and the eldest whipped up last year, I wanted this years’ spread to be just as fun and spooky.

Now the household is a huge fan of baked goods, but I admit that I haven’t been the most obliging pâtissier of late. I have been meaning to bake again for the family though, and Halloween is the perfect reason to fire up the oven and bust out the baking mitts again.

Good thing baking for me is just like riding a bicycle, and a few minutes into making the cookies, I felt as though I never really stopped baking

Of course, you can easily work with store-brought cookie dough or cake mix if you don’t have the time (or aren’t as confident with your baking skills). And if you’re really, REALLY busy, you can even buy pre-made cookies, cake pops, and other plain pastries, and jump right into the decorating part yourself.

In fact, if you plan on working on the decorations with your kids, I would really suggest getting pre-made pastries (make sure you get extras!) so you can save your time and energy – you’ll need a lot of both if you want to spend an afternoon sprucing them up with the traditional ghosts, bats, jack o’lanterns and what have you.

With Mr. Flintstone and the kids already committed to help out (I couldn’t keep them out of the kitchen even if I wanted to!), I set a Saturday afternoon aside to work on decorating some cookies and cake pops.

We had a lot of fun decking out our chocolate chip cookies with the creepy crawly chocolate spiders. They were super easy to do, and the effect was really cool and eerie.

Working on the cake pops was a blast as well. I’d pre-dipped the pops so that all that was left to do was to add details to their faces, and the kids and Mr. Flintstone had a swell time decorating their favorite Halloween characters.

We even had a contest for the “best pumpkin” which I had to give to the eldest for the clever idea of using a green M&M for the pumpkin twig. It’s these little creative touches that really make me proud!

Come Halloween, I'm pretty condfident that the kids can recreate this with their Ate even without my supervision. All I'd have to do is pop a horror flick and munch on my kids' homemade Halloween goodies.

Halloween Cake Pops


1 store brought pound cake

½ cup frosting

1 bag white candy melts

1 bag orange candy melts

1 bag purple candy melt

Edible marker

Green M&M

Lollipop stick



1 cup butter

1 cup powdered sugar

¼ cup strawberry jam



Cream butter and powdered sugar until light and fluffy,
Add jam.

Cake pop:

Crumble cake using your fingers, add ¼ cup frosting. Mix until cake dough is malleable.
Shape cake dough. Circle for pumpkin, Popsicle shape for ghost, and cat shape for monster.Refrigerate for 30mins.
Melt a bit of candy melt, take out the cake dough from the refrigerator. Dip the ends of lollipop stick and insert it at the bottom of cake dough. Refrigerate for 30mins.
Melt candy melt. Dip the cat shaped cake dough into the purple candy melt, dip the Popsicle shaped cake dough into white candy melt, and dip the circle shaped cake dough into the orange candy melt.
Allow to dry for 10-15mins. Add details, eyes and mouth using the edible marker.

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